Product no.: SFLD 01 MG

Delivery period: 3/7 gg. working days

Delivery weight: 8.5 kg

Reproduction of lifelike size of GERMANO Maschio in thermoplastic material.

High strength paint and adhesion.

This rotating wings decoy has contained within a practical and easy plastic carring case and comes complete with all Accessories. it's characterized by being extremely realistic and effective. It can be controlled up to a maximum distance of 30 meters through a special remote control; this, in fact, is equipped with 2 buttons "A" and "B". By pressing the "A" button, you can activate and deactivate wings rotation; with the "B" button, instead, you have the particular temporary activation of 20 seconds; after these 20 seconds, the call automatically shuts down. You can also turn off the feature at any time.

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